About Heartland Food Products Group Europe

Heartland produces and markets various brands, amongst others Splenda and Java House.

The global headquarters is in Indiana (USA) with local headquarters in Mexico and Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

What Do We Do


Heartland Food Products Group is the leading supplier for zero calorie sweeteners. Heartland offers Sweeteners under it's brands Splenda, Splenda Naturals and Nevella and is servicing retailers in the United States and across the globe.

Water Enhancers

Heartland Food Products Group is a pioneer in the nascent Water Enhancer category. Heartland is a global leader in the liquid water enhancer category and up to today supplied more than 300 different tastes!

Coffee/Aseptic RTD Beverages

Our recently launched Java House Cold Brew coffee sets the standards for Cold Brew in the US and we are currently defining the authentic process of cold brewing. Try our authentic taste!

What Makes Us Different

At Heartland, the entrepreneurial spirit is a driving force. We are:

  • FAST –Speed to market is crucial in a rapidly evolving marketplace
  • FLEXIBLE – We offer products tailored to consumer and customer needs
  • INNOVATIVE – Consumer insight driven innovation helps make decisions that help grow categories.


Splenda Original Logo

At SPLENDA®, we want to inspire people to live healthier by enjoying their food choices. SPLENDA® Sweeteners made with SPLENDA® Sucralose, are perfect choice for baking, sweetening drinks and more. Sucralose is produced from sugar but it is inert in the body and therefor has no calories. SPLENDA® Sweeteners are proven safe and suitable for the whole family, including people with diabetes and those following low-carb diet, as part of a healthy lifestyle. SPLENDA® Sweeteners bring sweetness and healthy balance to your life.

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Splenda Family
Splenda Stevia Logo

The SPLENDA® Brand has truly unlocked the sweetness of stevia with no bitter aftertaste – SPLENDA® Stevia Sweetener with no calories, no added flavors, no added colors, and no artificial ingredients. Until now most stevia sweeteners have been made with a stevia extract called Rebaudioside A (Reb A), which can have a bitter aftertaste. By using a better tasting extract from the stevia leaf, Rebaudioside D (Reb D), SPLENDA® Stevia has found the perfect blend to capture the naturally sweet taste of stevia. SPLENDA® Stevia can be used almost anywhere you use sugar – in beverages, cooking and baking. Enjoy the sweetness without compromise!

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Splenda Stevia Family
Java House Logo

JAVA HOUSE introduces the latest trend sweeping the coffee market: Authentic Cold Brew Coffee. What is special? The way coffee is extracted. Cold Brew Coffee involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for twelve hours or longer. The result is a smooth tasting coffee with noticeably less acidity than traditional hot-brewed coffee. Java House’s signature range is handcrafted by trained baristas and contains only natural ingredients – 100% Arabica and water – making it a health-conscious choice. It is the next big thing to hit the coffee market!

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JavaHouse Family
Go Splash Logo

Go Splash makes water exciting and helps you to create your favourite drink without adding sugar and lots of calories. Each pocket sized bottle flavours 6 litres of water and doesn't need refrigeration. Wherever you are; simply squeeze the preferred amount of Go Splash in your water and enjoy it your way!Go Splash is the refreshingly unique water enhancer that brings fun and flavour to water. Go Splash was created to celebrate the individual tastes of those seeking low calorie refreshment. Refreshingly unique - Amazingly portable

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