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The category of Liquid Water Enhancers (LWE) is one of the fastest growing categories in all of grocery. Nielsen reports that the LWE category is expected to continue double digit expansion and reach $500 Million in Annual Sales within the next 12 months. Liquid Beverage Enhancers are also projected to expand into new areas of the retail space (within the US and Internationally) allowing for growth beyond the traditional drink mix set.

Heartland Capabilities

Our entrepreneurial spirit drives a Fast, Flexible, & Innovative way of life at Heartland. We are pioneers in the Liquid Water Enhancer field. This success and expertise allows us to provide licensing and contract manufacturing partnership capabilities across the globe.

Contract Manufacturing

LWE Bottle

Heartland offers the complete solution. Our state of the art production facility is fully equipped with high speed production equipment and ample capacity to help bring your project to life as quickly as possible. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer with in-house liquid blending capabilities. Heartland has engineered our own delivery system components, offering the consumer a precise stream of concentrate that impresses every time. Heartland also offers a variety of bottle shapes, sizes, & colors to suit your specific Brand. With Tens of Millions of Bottles shipped, we are truly the experts in this category. For more information on our capabilities and partnership opportunities contact a member of our sales team today.

Product Development

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At Heartland, we have an outstanding product development team who are experts in custom formulations as well as flavor profile matching. We have great relationships with a number of flavor houses around the world that you may already be working with. Provide us with your ideal flavor targets and we will work with our network of flavor houses to deliver a concentrated solution.

Quality Certifications

sqf 2000

Providing high quality products is of the utmost importance to everyone at Heartland. We are currently in our 6th consecutive year of SQF-2000 Level 3 certification. We have an exceptional Quality record and are committed to improving the quality of our products and production facilities to meet the needs of consumers, retailers, manufacturing partners, and regulatory agencies.

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